Education Programs

About our Education Programs

The Farmer-for-a-Day and Farmer-After-School Programs foster a connection to nature and caring for the world we live in, all while encouraging children to have a better understanding of our shared heritage of raising and growing food. Our programs are designed for kids from 7-to-12 years-of-age.

Upcoming Program Dates & Fees

Seaview Farm program participants follow the seasons and rhythms of the farm, so the activities will be dependent on the season. These activities include: planting, harvesting, making food, creating farm-themed art, storytelling, visiting the animals, and stopping by the farm’s own Sunflower House! This program is a fun way to get a better sense of what happens at a farm and the role the farm plays in growing and raising food.

Spring & Summer 2020 Program

Due to COVID-19, our spring program will look a bit different! We are working on drop-in times for family groups to come to the Education Garden and greenhouse to plant seeds, and help with the spring harvest, and enjoy the beauty nature at the garden. Stay tuned for details!

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