How to Make Delicious Roast Beef Using Our Top or Bottom Round Roasts

Tracy's Roast Beef

Hello All,

We love it when people share their recipes and cooking methods with us.  Farmer Ken’s son and daughter-in-law (Ryan and Tracy) are experts at cooking our beef.  Tracy shared this information on our Facebook page.  Another friend added additional helpful comments. Try it for yourself!


Cooking method for top round roast by Tracy:

Healthy and most delicious Seaview Farm roast beef. This is a top round roast that was first salted, brought to room temperature and then seared in a cast iron pan. We preheated the oven to 500 degrees then placed the roast in the oven and turned down to 425 degrees for 4 minutes per pound (2.5 lb for 10 minutes). Then shut the oven off and let the roast remain for 2 hours. DON’T open the oven door! You are looking for an final internal temperature of 135. Cool and refrigerate for easier deli style slicing. Enjoy 😋

Additional comment by Lindy:

I’ve done top and bottom round roasts similarly. No searing first but bring to room temp, season and coat with a little oil, roast in preheated 500° over for about 13min for 2.5lbs. Then turn oven off and leave for about 2 hrs. Turns out fabulous. Turn a “cheap” cut of meat into a great roast. And leftovers are good for sandwiches.